Frequently Asked Questions

About eBooks

What is an eBook?

An eBook (short for ‘electronic book’) is a digital version of a printed book, optimised for on-screen reading. While many eBooks do indeed start off as conventional printed books, more and more eBooks are now starting life as an eBook, rather than as a version of a conventional printed book.

What eBook formats are available?

eBooks are available in various formats and can be read on a range of reading devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets. Once you have selected content for purchase, you have the option to download to either Adobe Digital Editions or BlueFire Reader.  See eBook usage and download to find out which platform is supported by your digital device.

What is Adobe Digital Editions?

Adobe Digital Editions is a free desktop reading application for PCs and Macs that enables you to download eBooks in ePub or web PDF format.

With Adobe Digital Editions, you can open the eBook on your computer and transfer it to other reading devices.

At present Adobe Digital Editions supports more than 50 eReaders, including Sony Readers.

As eBook technology is constantly changing, we strongly recommend that you check with the manufacturer to see if your device is compatible before buying an eBook from CXC Store.

How do I install Adobe Digital Editions?

You can install Adobe Digital Editions on your system in several ways. The simplest is to visit the installer page on the Adobe Digital Editions site, from which you can install the software.

To install Adobe Digital Editions go to and click on “Download Now” then select the correct download for you, depending on whether you are using a Windows or Mac machine.

After installation, you’ll be asked to activate Adobe Digital Editions. During activation, you’ll have the option to create an Adobe User ID.  An Adobe ID enables you to transfer DRM-protected eBooks between multiple reading devices and restore them after a data loss or system reinstallation.  If you don’t create an Adobe ID, the software will still download but you will not be able to download any eBooks until the User ID is created.

When I try to Authorise my computer I get an Error Message saying “E_ACT_NOT_READY” or “Error! Check Activation” – what should I do?

In some cases the Windows registry entry for Adobe Digital Editions gets corrupted. If you have received an error message, follow the below instructions:-

- Unauthorise your computer in Adobe Digital Editions by opening Adobe Digital Editions. Then press CTRL + SHIFT + D. You should see a pop up window titled "Erase Computer Authorization". Click on "Erase Authorization" and then select "OK".

- Next, delete the registry entry that contains your Adobe ID by following these steps and then shut down and restart the computer.

- Once your computer is up and running, follow steps 4-8 here assuming you've already created an Adobe ID, if not follow steps 1-8.

I am seeing an error message saying “not a supported file type” or “file has been damaged”

First you must locate the URLLink.acsm file you have downloaded on your computer.

- Right-click it and select Open With.  Then choose the default program from the sub menu (smaller grey menu that contains four options).

- TURN ON "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" in the lower left.

- If your Adobe Digital Editions is in the Recommended Programs list, double-click it. The file will open in Adobe Digital Editions. But, if Adobe Digital Editions is not in the Recommended Programs list, click Browse and locate your Adobe Digital Editions application. The default location is:

%PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions 2.0\Digital Editions

... or more commonly:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions 2.0\Digital Editions

Once that is selected you will be returned to the Open With dialogue with Adobe Digital Editions selected within Other Programs. Click OK to accept it. Your file will now open in Adobe Digital Editions.

What should I do when I try to open Adobe Digital Editions and I get a message saying “Adobe Digital Editions 4.0 has encountered a problem and needs to close”?

You are encountering this problem because the version of Adobe Digital Editions you are trying to install is designed for Windows 7 and not Windows XP.

To resolve this issue, uninstall the version that you have. Then you’ll need to install an older version of Adobe Digital Editions.

Select one of the links below to install version 3.0 or 2.0 for Windows XP. (Release Date 21.01.2014) (Release Date 15.07.2014)

Past Papers & Free Resources

How can I purchase a single product?

You can purchase online using a credit card. This option is presented to you at checkout. We use a secure online system and never store credit card or payment details.

How many downloads am I permitted?

You have unlimited access to free resources and can download these as many times as you like. For content that needs to be purchased (CXC past papers), you have the option to download a maximum of ten times on devices including a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone.

Can I print CXC past papers or free resources once I’ve downloaded to my computer?

You CANNOT print any CXC past papers eBooks on the site, but our free resources (syllabuses, subject reports, specimen papers and mark schemes only) can be downloaded as PDFs and saved to your computer to print as many times as you like.

Can I print the FREE CSEC® English A and Mathematics Past Papers 2002-2008 eBook?

No. You cannot print this eBook. We have restrictions on printing CXC past papers (eBooks), but all syllabuses, subject reports, specimen papers and mark schemes can be downloaded as PDFs and saved to your computer to print as many times as you like.

Can I copy my CXC past paper from the device onto a CD?

No, you can’t copy CXC past papers from your device onto a CD.

Do I have to be online to read my purchased CXC past paper?

No. You need to be online to install your eReader software and purchase CXC past papers. After you install and download your CXC past paper(s), you can use your eReader offline.

Where is my product?

If you want to view one of the free resources offline, you’ll need to download the PDF and save to your computer or digital device. If you have purchased a CXC past paper, you can download it from the My Account page (you might need to log in first). You will need to download it from here to your eReader so that you can read your CXC past paper offline. If it is no longer available to view in your account or in your eReader library, you have exceeded the number of days that you can view the item(s). You will need to purchase a new subscription or single past paper to access content. Click here to find out more.

Can I get a refund for my purchase, or exchange my purchase for another eBook?

All eBook titles bought from CXC Store are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged or returned. If you’re experiencing technical difficulties buying or downloading an eBook, please contact us.

Can I cancel my order for the supply of products?

Unless certain exceptions apply, you have the right to cancel your order without giving any reason within 14 days after the day of confirmation of the order (i.e. the date on which we email you to confirm our acceptance of your order), which is when the contract between us is formed. Under one such exception, however, the right of cancellation does not apply to the supply of digital content (including apps, digital software, eBooks, MP3, etc.) which is not supplied on a tangible medium (e.g. on a CD or DVD) if you accepted when you placed your order that we could start to supply it immediately, and that you could not cancel it once supply had started. By accepting the Terms of Use and Sale when placing an order or request to redeem a code, you agree that you wish for the supply of the products to begin immediately. You further agree and acknowledge that you lose your right to cancel the contract once the supply of the product has begun.

Which syllabuses are available as Flipbooks?

Currently only two syllabuses are available as Flipbooks – CAPE® Green Engineering and CAPE® Financial Services.  Additional titles will be added in the future.

Why are some syllabuses are available in a different format?

CXC® as an organisation is continually engaged in research and development with a view to delivering world-class products and services to its customers.  The delivery of flipbooks in a different format is one of the initiatives being undertaken to provide interactive resources that will better support the teaching and learning process. Based on the feedback from our users, CXC® will determine how best to deliver our syllabuses and other learner support resources.

What are the enhancements included in Flipbooks?

Flipbooks have a number of features such as an automatic page turner feature that allows the reader to browse the Flipbook without having to manually flip the pages.  Additionally, Flipbooks have a number of different navigational options, one of which is a set of tabs that allow a reader to navigate to syllabus sections easily.  Hyperlinks and audio are also embedded. 

Are there any special system requirements needed for use?

There are no special system requirements; systems capable of displaying PDF documents will also display Flipbooks.  No additional resources are required.


How long will my subscriptions last for?

If you are purchasing an individual subscription, there are five options available to you; 30 days, 90 days (3 months), 180 days (6 months), 365 days (1 year) and 730 days (2 years).  If, for example, you purchase a 30 day subscription, you will have access to all our exam resources on the CXC Store website for 30 days from the date you subscribed. You must download your chosen eBooks to your eReader within this time period. These items will be removed from your eReader library 30 days after you have downloaded them. If you are a member of an institution, you will need to contact them directly for more information.

What happens once my subscription has come to an end?

Once your individual subscription has come to an end, your CXC past paper(s) will be removed from your eReader library. You do, however, have the option to re-subscribe or purchase a single CXC past paper.  If you are a member of an institution, you will need to contact them directly. Learn more here.

Are there any costs other than the one-off subscription fee?

If you have purchased a subscription, this will be the only cost you’ll incur. If you’d like to continue accessing all CXC Store resources after your subscription expires, you’ll need to re-subscribe.

I am a subscriber and all the eBooks in My Account have disappeared

Your subscription has expired and although you may still be able to access previously downloaded eBooks within your eReader Library (for a few more days) you will not be able to download any more eBooks from your CXC Store account until you renew your subscription. Once you reach the end of your subscription, you will need to re-subscribe to access the full and updated range of resources.  You can renew your subscription here

I am a subscriber and I still have access to one or more eBooks in my eReader Library, but all the eBooks in My Account have now disappeared

Your subscription has expired. Once you reach the end of your subscription, you will need to re-subscribe to access the full and updated range of resources.  You can renew your subscription here.

I am a subscriber and have previously downloaded an eBook that has now been updated. Can I also download the updated version?

Yes, but please be aware that both the old version and the new version will then appear in your eReader eLibrary. As soon as an updated version is released you will no longer be able to re-download the old version.

CXC Store

What countries can I order from?

You can buy eBooks from CXC Store from most countries excluding the USA and Japan.

This is my first visit to CXC Store, where do I begin?

View our animated video. It’ll only take a couple minutes of your time and it’ll give you a better understanding of how you can benefit from using CXC Store.