Castle Bruce Secondary School



Castle Bruce Secondary School won a 6-month subscription to CXC Store as part of our One Year Anniversary competition. In this short video, Miss Alfred and her students explain how they use CXC Store to get exam ready!

"CXC Store eases pressure in terms of preparing students for their final exams. Teachers use the site to supplement their lessons, and rather than spending a lot of time preparing tests, we are able to refer students to specific questions to follow-up at the end of lesson or after school as homework. Castle Bruce is located in rural Dominica, and heavy rain can often result in mudslides and flooding. When this happens we are forced to send students home, but CXC Store enables our students to continue their exam preparation. CXC Store has undoubtedly helped our students and I don't think we'd be able to prepare them for their exams as much as we have without it." ~ Miss Alfred, Head of Mathematics

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